Our Services

Rock Chip Repair


That rock chip may seem small, but waiting to get it repaired can be costly.  We offer discounts for multiple chips on the same vehicle.

Windshield Replacement


We pride ourselves in scheduling accurately and having you back on the road as quickly as possible. We can even do the replacement while you're at work, offering convenience to our customers.

Door Handle Repair & Replacement


A broken door handle can be very stressful!  We offer replacement handles at affordable prices.  We also repair and replace door latches and lock cylinders.

Rear View Mirror Adhesion


We can adhere your mirror button back onto your windshield at a fraction of the cost of repair kits, and our adhesion is guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.

Power Window Repair


Although this is some good looking duct tape, it's not very weatherproof!  We offer aftermarket replacements for most power window regulators and motors, as well as window switches.  Most repairs take less than an hour!

Outside Mirror Replacement


A cracked or broken outside mirror can affect your ability to see what's coming up behind you, as well as hindering your back-up view.  We offer both made-to-fit mirrors and cut-to-fit mirrors.